Who we are

Lumis is a company specialized in the design and production of lighting fittings for Hotels
that can resolve any problem concerning lighting issues.

The cooperation with some of the most famous international designers and the handcrafted production entirely made in Italy have developed a particular culture which allows us to satisfy the most demanding market, keeping the handcraft excellence bound to the concept of “Made in Italy” and to the Tuscan traditions.

Lumis light, thanks to the in-house technical department specialized in the study and
design of lighting items for Hotels, Nautical and Restaurants, draws its inspiration
from the contemporary living, creating elegant and refined atmospheres.

The sense of light, always warm and deep, is the main parameter of our production.

Mission, vision and values


To improve our cooperation with partners and designers, both local and international, and transfer the Tuscan tradition for handcraft, to be able to find out new technologies for the creation of lighting items even more refined and elegant but innovative at the same time.


To bring our culture and sense for light outside our Country and become a dynamic company capable to create lighting systems always more innovative and sophisticated, that can make any ambience unique and stylish.


Our leading value is “the sense for light”, or better said, an original and personalized concept of luminous ambiences. The elegance and the care for the details that are the main characteristic of our products increase the value of any Hotel project upon the time. Our enthusiasm and a true passion for “light” help our partners to improve the quality of the stay in their facilities.