A world of lighting proposals

In Pistoia, in the LUMIS showroom, every designer will be able to find a luminous answer to all requests and needs.

Shapes, materials, colours that range in every possible field to propose adequate solutions and, if that weren’t enough, at Lumis we are always available to develop, custom made, all your design ideas, both by customizing the products on display and producing them according to your design.

In the showroom you can, in the meantime, touch the fabrics and understand how careful we are to give you
a quality
that is suitable for your hotel, see the colours and check their softness and predisposition for relaxation,
the structure of the materials, various, but all designed to be resistant and lasting over time,
appreciate the shapes for every style of furniture, contemporary or classic.

Where are we?

5 minutes from the A11, 20 minutes from Florence and the A12 Genoa – Rosignano, a laboratory of light,
colours and shapes that awaits you to create your hotel together.

Together with the products, we assist you with our thirty years of experience, specialized in the hospitality sector,
made up of attention to specific needs, in terms of use, technical characteristics, simplicity in
maintenance, essential characteristics for this sector.

Welcome to a world of light proposals.

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