To the designers

It is with pleasure that we introduce the new LUMIS catalogue, lighting for hotels and Contract: for 30 years we have been providing lighting to 4 and 5 stars Hotels, resorts, luxury residences and boutiques all over the world.

Lumis , producing directly in Italy, believes to be the right partner and the right tool to illuminate your ideas and projects in the best way, giving form to your intuitions.

As you can see from the size of the catalogue, Lumis has developed over the years a large numbers of luminaires, all the result of direct experience and requests from designers that we have supported in their work.

From the website you can see the large number of references, projects in which we have been committed to allow you to represent exactly your vision.

The catalogue is divided into several sections:

  • CONTEMPORARY, where we have collected all the families or single luminaires that meet the technical and aesthetic needs of lighting and a modern aesthetic presence, for contemporary environments where the union between design and technique takes on a fundamental value.
  • 900 COLLECTION, a collection of lamps that finds its inspiration in the modern trends and in the XX century, where the choice to produce the lamps by hand and in limited series is central, paying the utmost attention to the choice of materials and production processes, for original handworks of the highest quality.
  • LAMPS FOR SERVICES AREAS, lighting for hallways, room numbers, bathrooms, picture lamps.
  • CLASSIC, families of lighting whose production is based on a careful realization of molds for casting, welding, polishing and antiquing performed by hand in our laboratories, made with entirely artisanal processes that enhance the refinement of shapes and materials, with the care of details and finishes. For all those environments where the search for style merges with classic taste.

In addition to this, Lumis is able to operate in the Custom Made, making use of internal technical resources, from 3D prototyping to many other processes, and external resources with consolidated and therefore reliable relationships from a qualitative point of view.

The experience of Italo Bonfanti, founder of the company, allows to harmonize all the resources.