If it is true that the bathroom is the most intimate place in our home, it is also true that it is the most relaxing, the one where, taking the right time, you can find yourself and your space. It will therefore necessarily have to be a place of relaxation both for the furnishings and for the lighting that becomes its amplifier.
Entering a well-lit bathroom allows you to enhance multiple aspects: cleanliness, order, the comfort of each part, the sense of contentment. If this is true for the home bathroom, it will be even truer for the hotel bathroom, where the sense of comfort, but also of protection and relaxation must be more marked and reassuring.

Grand Amore Hotel and spa – Florence

Private residence, project arch. Lionetti

The light in the bathroom must therefore be a tool that can underline these aspects, responding to some simple but at the same time complex standards.
  • Two different types of lighting: a general, diffused one, to give meaning to the space with the right perception of the environment and its furnishings, lighting that makes the use of the place safe.
  • Another type of lighting instead specific for particular uses, such as that around the mirror, where a greater luminous impact has needed to perform better certain activities such as make-up, shaving, etc.
  • Giving the correct perception of space and furnishings, both to grasp correctly the aesthetics of the environment, thus helping the perception of relaxation, and to guarantee safe movements, to avoid bumping or slipping.
  • Be careful not to create disturbing points such as shadows or glare which would be even more annoying in a confined space such as the bathroom.
Lumis, the leading company in the high-end Hospitality sector, based in Pistoia, has been studying and developing luminaires for years that respond to the typical specificities of the sector: products that are easy to manage for operators, elegant but sober, easy to assemble and maintenance, with particular attention to consumption and budget.
Lumis develops products on the indications of the designers, in all types of materials, customizing its fixtures or creating completely new ones.

Sheraton Hotel Club Des Pins – Algerie

All Lumis production has made directly in Italy, with a consolidated network of partners, specialists in each specific material, directed and coordinated by a highly experienced technical office. In fact, Lumis manufactures lighting fixtures only for the Hospitality sector, focusing all attention on this sector.
In its creations, Lumis also takes into account the presence or absence of natural light, creating continuity with it and, if it is not present, creating luminous scenes that make the environment pleasant and welcoming.
Ceiling lamps, wall lamps, recessed ceiling lamps, mirrors with backlighting, a product for every need and for every need of the designer.
For each project its product, for each designer his tool, appropriate, flexible, of quality.
Contact Lumis to develop your project and get a unique and personalized product.


Mod. Artemide 5000

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